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ZB 16 - Dynamics of nanocrystal structure induced by surface chemistry (Z.Kaszkur)


News from the Lab and some texts devoted to in situ nanopowder diffraction developed in the Lab (operando studies).

Dr Ilia Smirnov leaves the lab for a position in the group of prof.Kulesza at Faculty of Chemistry of Warsaw University

On 15th of March 2024 dr Ilia Smirnov moved to prof. Kulesza group "Highly Functionalized Materials for Electrochemical Science, Nanotechnology...read more ≫

PhD Thesis of Ilia Smirnov defended on Sept. 6th 2023

The thesis proposes new approach to analyze domain structure of fcc nanoparticles. Commonly, they contain stacking faults and the stacking planes (111...read more ≫

Finally our fundamental paper on a mechanism of CO oxidation on Au/CeO2 catalyst published !

21.01.2023 After 2 year struggle our paper questioning widely accepted in catalytic community Mars van Krevelen mechanism of CO oxidation has been...read more ≫

Poster and presentation by Ilia Smirnov for 15th International School and Symposium on Synchrotron Radiation in Natural Science, Kraków 2022.

Title:  "Detection of vacancies in FCC solid and their effect on twinning" by Ilia Smirnov, Zbigniew Kaszkur,  Armin Hoell. The...read more ≫

After completing his PhD and finishing NCN project Preludium dr eng. Maciej Zieliński leaves our lab for a position in NOMATEN center of NCBJ (National Center of Nuclear Research).

During his term Maciej was an excellent asset to the Laboratory leaving positive footprint at every part of the Lab life. From expanding the measuring...read more ≫

Presentation of dr Maciej Zieliński at Joint Polish-German Crystallographic Meeting (2020)

Metal-Support Interactions in Gold Quasicrystals Deposited on CeO2 Catalyst Revealed by In-Operando Powder X-Ray Diffraction Coupled with Mass Spectro...read more ≫

Diffusion and segregation kinetics in immiscible metallic nanoalloys Au-Pt (Ilia Smirnov, presentation at JPGCM-2020).

The attached pdf document is a presentation of MSc Ilia Smirnov at the Joint Polish-German Crystallographic Meeting, Wroclaw 2020. Due to a limited si...read more ≫

PhD Thesis of Maciej Zieliński brilliantly defended on Sept. 25th 2019

Structure dynamics of heterogeneous catalysts based on nanocrystalline gold in oxidation-reduction (REDOX) reactions. by Maciej Zieliński, MSc. Eng....read more ≫

The real background and peak asymmetry in diffraction on nanocrystalline metals.

The publication by by Zbigniew Kaszkur, Maciej Zieliński, Wojciech Juszczyk J. Appl. Cryst. (2017). 50, 585-593. The paper deals with two fundament...read more ≫

Diffusion in metals.

Elementary mechanisms of diffusion in metals are studied on the example of PdAg nanoalloy. A uniform nanoalloy has been obtained with reversible and r...read more ≫

Anomalous diffusion in nanocrystalline metals

Poster presented on ICP microsymposium (based on Kaszkur et al.  Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2015, 17, 28250--28255 )read more ≫

Powder nanocrystallography (principles)

During the last century developements of powder diffraction were based on the theory of crystallography but constructed as a phenomenological methods...read more ≫


read more ≫

Development of nanocrystallography

Nanocrystallography Powder diffraction has been developed as a phenomenological science based on perfect crystallography but with a lot of formal ass...read more ≫


Dyfrakcja proszkowa rozwija sie od stulecia jako nauka fenomenologiczna oparta na teorii krystalografii ale uzupełniona o szereg przybliżonych formuł...read more ≫

Research overview 2013

V. Department of Catalysis on Metals Contact: Zbigniew Kaszkur – professor of the Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS, zkaszkur@ichf.edu.pl&n...read more ≫

List of principal methodology publications.

Smirnov I., Kaszkur Z., Hoell A., Development of nanoparticles bulk morphology analysis: Multidomain XRD approach. Smirnov I., Kaszkur Z., Hoell...read more ≫

Direct Formic Acid Fuel Cell (DFAFC) - XRD camera for operando studies during cell operation

The attached poster presents construction of a transmission XRD camera fro DFAFC in operando studies.read more ≫