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ZT 16 - Dynamics of nanocrystal structure induced by surface chemistry (Z.Kaszkur)


The group engages in studies of nanocrystal structure and dynamics of its change during chemical reaction and other physico-chemical processes. The principal methods are in situ powder diffraction complemented with mass spectrometry. The studied materials are mostly catalysts with focus on the structure of small metallic nanoclusters. The developed methods allow detection of surface reconstruction of metal nanocrystals, monitoring of surface segregation phenomena in nanoalloys and interpretation of non periodic structures like icosahedra. The key developements include new method of analysis of diffraction pattern series and new ways of the pattern evolution interpretation- reaching beyond Bragg's law and employing large scale atomistic simulations. Newly developed by us peak profile analysis method enables detection of the crystal size distribution and of the crystallites shape change during chemical process at their surface (the paper accepted in J.Appl.Cryst. at the end of February 2017).

The Group activity in instrumental part overlaps with activities of the Laboratory of X-Ray Powder Diffractometry and Spectrometry  .