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ZB 16 - Dynamics of nanocrystal structure induced by surface chemistry (Z.Kaszkur)


International collaboration.

Sheridan College, Ontario, Canada

The aim of the collaboration is to investigate ceria-based catalysts doped with alkali metal ions, namely the influence of those ions on the plan... read more ≫

Fritz Haber Institute of the Max-Planck-Society

The cooperation aiming at merger of the in situ Transmission Electron Microscopy with the developed by us XRD technique of nanopowder diffraction. Pee... read more ≫

Institute of Catalysis Bulgarian Academy of Science

Collaboration aiming at ex situ structural characterization of Au catalysts supported on ceria (modified) used in PROX and WGS reactions. The Bulgaria... read more ≫

Laboratoire Matériaux et Phénomènes Quantiques (CNRS - UMR 7162) Université Paris 7

Collaboration aiming at combining in situ TEM with our technique of nanopowder diffraction. The collaborating laboratory is headed by prof. Christi... read more ≫

national cooperating institutions

read more ≫

Institute of Physical Chemistry - research groups

ZB 02 - Group of molecular films research (W. Kutner) ZB 09 - Coordination complexes and functional materials (J.Lewiński) ZB15 - Modern Heterog... read more ≫

Other Polish institutions

Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering  Warsaw University of Technology (W. Raróg-Pilecka, M.Gliński) Faculty of Chemistry, Warsaw... read more ≫