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ZB 16 - Dynamics of nanocrystal structure induced by surface chemistry (Z.Kaszkur)


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Zbigniew Kaszkur

Zbigniew Kaszkur ORCID ID: 0000-0003-4733-4334 RESEARCHER ID: A-2078-2008 Scopus Author ID: 6603716500 Warsaw University, Faculty of Physics, MSc in "Mathematical Methods of Physics&q... read more ≫

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Wojciech Juszczyk

PhD in chemistry. Thesis : "Characterization of selected supported bimetallic catalysts containing palladium" , defended on 18/10/1995, (IPC PAS) Engineer and master degree from Depart... read more ≫

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Dmytro Lisovytskiy

PhD in chemistry. Thesis : "Phase transitions in nanocrystalline Li-Mn-O systems - application of Rietveld method", 13/02/2006, Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS   read more ≫

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Bogusław Mierzwa

PhD in physics. Thesis: "Structure of nanocrystals EXAFS study - Pd-Co alloy system", 24/01/2002, Warsaw Technical University, Faculty of Physics Master degree from Faculty of Physics,... read more ≫

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Maciej Zieliński

e-mail: mzielinski@ichf.edu.pl tel.: +48 22 343 34 17 ORCID: 0000-0003-0760-1004   PhD defended on Sept. 25th 2019. Graduated from the Dept. of Chemistry of Warsaw Technical Univer... read more ≫

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Ilia Smirnov

PhD in chemistry. Thesis entitled "Morphology evolution in mono- and bimetallic FCC nanoparticles" defended on 6th of September 2023. Master degree from Abo Akademi University of Turku (Finl... read more ≫