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ZB 16 - Dynamics of nanocrystal structure induced by surface chemistry (Z.Kaszkur)


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Zbigniew Kaszkur

Zbigniew Kaszkur   Warsaw University, Faculty of Physics, MSc in "Mathematical Methods of Physics", 1977. Institute of Physical Chemistry Polish Academy of Science, PhD in Soli... read more ≫

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Wojciech Juszczyk

PhD in chemistry. Thesis : "Characterization of selected supported bimetallic catalysts containing palladium" , defended on 18/10/1995, (IPC PAS) Engineer and master degree from Depart... read more ≫

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Dmytro Lisovytskiy

PhD in chemistry. Thesis : "Phase transitions in nanocrystalline Li-Mn-O systems - application of Rietveld method", 13/02/2006, Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS   read more ≫

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Bogusław Mierzwa

PhD in physics. Thesis: "Structure of nanocrystals EXAFS study - Pd-Co alloy system", 24/01/2002, Warsaw Technical University, Faculty of Physics Master degree from Faculty of Physics,... read more ≫

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Maciej Zieliński

PhD student. Graduated from the Dept. of Chemistry of Warsaw Technical University in 2015 receiving the highest note and ranked the first amongs all this year graduates of his department. During th... read more ≫

Ilia Smirnov

PhD student. Master degree from Abo Akademi University of Turku (Finland). Education - Tver (Russia). read more ≫