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ZT 31 - Biophysical Chemistry Group (A.Ochab)

Ochab-Marcinek Lab

Biophysical Chemistry Group

Anna Ochab-Marcinek, Ph.D.

Department of Soft Condensed Matter

Institute of Physical Chemistry
Polish Academy of Sciences

NEW! Ph. D. student and M. Sc. student positions available!

We are seeking a Ph. D. student and an M. Sc. student.

  • Ph. D. student: With knowledge of stochastic processes and programming.
  • M. Sc. student: Good at maths and programming.

The research will be conducted within the Sonata Bis grant of the National Science Center: Evolution of gene regulation as a stochastic process: Savageau's demand theory, cost of regulation and noise.

We will offer a decent salary paid from the grant.

The announcements of the open positions with detailed description of our requirements, salary offered, etc., are going to appear soon on the Institute's website: http://ichf.edu.pl/job.html.

Meanwhile, you can email me for more information on the project.

Our research interests:

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