Submicron Colloidosomes of Tunable Size and Wall Thickness

Cover date: 2017-02-21

Authors: Sobczak G., Wojciechowski T., Sashuk V.

Publication: Langmuir

Volume: 33

Issue: 7

Page range: 1725-1731

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:85013654487

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Pillar[4]pyridinium: A square-shaped molecular box

Cover date: 2017-01-01

Authors: Kosiorek S., Rosa B., Boinski T., Butkiewicz H., Szymanski M.P., Danylyuk O., Szumna A., Sashuk V.

Publication: Chemical Communications

Volume: 53

Issue: 100

Page range: 13320-13323

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:85038431524

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A halogen-free synthesis of gold nanoparticles using gold(III) oxide

Cover date: 2016-09-01

Authors: Sashuk V., Rogaczewski K.

Publication: Journal of Nanoparticle Research

Volume: 18

Issue: 9

Page range: null

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84984653824

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A Thermo- and Photo-Switchable Ruthenium Initiator for Olefin Metathesis

Cover date: 2016-05-04

Authors: Sashuk V., Danylyuk O.

Publication: Chemistry - A European Journal

Volume: 22

Issue: 19

Page range: 6528-6531

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84961784384

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Triggering autocatalytic reaction by host-guest interactions

Cover date: 2016-01-01

Authors: Sashuk V., Butkiewicz H., Fialkowski M., Danylyuk O.

Publication: Chemical Communications

Volume: 52

Issue: 22

Page range: 4191-4194

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84960401495

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Host-guest complexes of cucurbit[6]uril with the trypanocide drug diminazene and its degradation product 4-aminobenzamidine

Cover date: 2016-01-01

Authors: Danylyuk O., Butkiewicz H., Sashuk V.

Publication: CrystEngComm

Volume: 18

Issue: 26

Page range: 4905-4908

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84976549582

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