Chemistry in Confined Spaces

Welcome to Sashuk's Group !

Molecules are like humans - are born and die, get married and divorced, and when imprisoned do not give up but change their behavior.

Our research is mainly focused on the study of confined matter. We wonder how the chemical entities are affecting or being affected by the confined environment they create. In particular, we are interested in harnessing their modified properties for catalysis or self-assembly by translating them from the molecular level onto nanoscale (or even further) and vice versa. The confined systems we are currently dealing with include molecules and colloids entrapped by supramolecular cavities or self-assembled at interfaces.





04.01.2016 - Finally we started our group. There we go !!!

16.02.2016 - Our first paper "Triggering autocatalytic reaction by host-guest interactions" has just appeared in Chemical Communications.

23.03.2016 - Another paper "A Thermo- and Photo-Switchable Ruthenium Initiator For Olefin Metathesis" was published in Chemistry - A European Journal.

08.04.2016 - Our next paper "Host–guest complexes of cucurbit[6]uril with the trypanocide drug diminazene and its degradation product 4-aminobenzamidine" was accepted to publication in CrystEngComm.

21.06.2016 - Grzegorz Sobczak was awarded for the presentation of his master thesis at the poster session of University of Warsaw. Congratulations!!!

29.08.2016 - Our paper "A halogen-free synthesis of gold nanoparticles using gold(III) oxide" was just published in Journal of Nanoparticle Research.

15.09.2016 - Grzegorz Sobczak has earned his master's degree. Congratulations!!!

27.09.2016 - Konrad Rogaczewski has received his bachelor's degree. Congratulations!!!

01.10.2016 - We welcome Helena Butkiewicz as a new member of our team.

10.10.2016 - Grzegorz Sobczak was admitted to PhD studies. Congratulations!!!

07.02.2017 - Our new paper "Submicron Colloidosomes of Tunable Size and Wall Thickness" is ASAP now in Langmuir.

01.03.2017 - Marek KamiƄski begins working on his Master's thesis. Welcome to the team.

15.05.2017 - We have just received a research grant (1.3 mln PLN) from the National Science Centre.

19.06.2017 - Volodymyr Sashuk completes his habilitation. Congratulations !!!

01.09.2017 - Nazar Rad just joined our group. Welcome !!!