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Volodymyr Sashuk, DSc

Associate Professor

Group Leader "Chemistry in Confined Spaces"


M.Sc.: National University of Lviv, Faculty of Chemistry, 2002
Ph.D.: Institute of Organic Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences, 2007

D.Sc. (Habilitation): Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences, 2017

Research Experience:

2008-2009 Postdoctoral Fellow
Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany, in the group of Prof. H. Plenio
2004 Internship
Max-Planck Institut für Kohlenforschung, Mülheim a.d. Ruhr, Germany, in the group of Prof. A. Fürstner


Włodzimierz Kołos Prize, Polish Academy of Sciences, 2013 - The annual prize in chemistry, awarded to researchers
working in Poland whose age does not exceed 40 years (regardless of the degree and academic title and place of work) for
outstanding academic and creative scientific achievements, published with the Polish affiliation in the last four years.
Scholarship for outstanding young scientists, Ministry of Science and Higher Education, 2013
Winner of "Young Researchers of the Institute" contest, Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS, 2013
Winner of "Young Researchers of the Institute" contest, Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS, 2014

Winner of "Young Researchers of the Institute" contest, Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS, 2015
Winner of "The best paper of the Institute published in year 2012" contest, Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS, 2013

A halogen-free synthesis of gold nanoparticles using gold(III) oxide

Cover date: 2016-09-01

Authors: Sashuk V., Rogaczewski K.

Publication: Journal of Nanoparticle Research

Volume: 18

Issue: 9

Page range: null

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84984653824

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A Thermo- and Photo-Switchable Ruthenium Initiator for Olefin Metathesis

Cover date: 2016-05-04

Authors: Sashuk V., Danylyuk O.

Publication: Chemistry - A European Journal

Volume: 22

Issue: 19

Page range: 6528-6531

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84961784384

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Decoration of MoS2 Nanopetal Stacks with Positively Charged Gold Nanoparticles for Synergistic Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Biologically Relevant Compounds

Cover date: 2015-11-10

Authors: Dolinska J., Chidambaram A., Taleat Z., Adamkiewicz W., Lisowski W., Palys B., Holdynski M., Andryszewski T., Sashuk V., Rassaei L., Opallo M.

Publication: Electrochimica Acta

Volume: 182

Issue: undefined

Page range: 659-667

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84943399077

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Solid-state assembly of carboxylic acid substituted pillar[5]arene and its host-guest complex with tetracaine

Cover date: 2015-01-28

Authors: Danylyuk O., Sashuk V.

Publication: CrystEngComm

Volume: 17

Issue: 4

Page range: 719-722

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84919808055

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Electrocatalytic Synergy on Nanoparticulate Films Prepared from Oppositely Charged Pt and Au Nanoparticles

Cover date: 2014-06-01

Authors: Dolinska J., Kannan P., Sashuk V., Jonsson-Niedziolka M., Kaszkur Z., Lisowski W., Opallo M.

Publication: ChemElectroChem

Volume: 1

Issue: 6

Page range: 1023-1026

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84920425665

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Electrocatalytic glucose oxidation at gold and gold-carbon nanoparticulate film prepared from oppositely charged nanoparticles

Cover date: 2014-01-20

Authors: Karczmarczyk A., Celebanska A., Nogala W., Sashuk V., Chernyaeva O., Opallo M.

Publication: Electrochimica Acta

Volume: 117

Issue: undefined

Page range: 211-216

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84890959770

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The versatile electrocatalytic oxidation of glucose on bimetallic nanoparticulate film electrode

Cover date: 2014-01-01

Authors: Dolinska J., Kannan P., Sashuk V., Kaszkur Z., Sobczak J.W., Jonsson-Niedziolka M., Opallo M.

Publication: Journal of the Electrochemical Society

Volume: 161

Issue: 13

Page range: H3088-H3094

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84923351264

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The effect of electrocatalytic nanoparticle injection on the electrochemical response at a rotating disc electrode

Cover date: 2013-11-20

Authors: Dolinska J., Jonsson-Niedziolka M., Sashuk V., Opallo M.

Publication: Electrochemistry Communications

Volume: 37

Issue: undefined

Page range: 100-103

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84887581703

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Nanoparticles in a capillary trap: Dynamic self-assembly at fluid interfaces

Cover date: 2013-10-22

Authors: Sashuk V., Winkler K., Zywocinski A., Wojciechowski T., Gorecka E., Fialkowski M.

Publication: ACS Nano

Volume: 7

Issue: 10

Page range: 8833-8839

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84887009796

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Host-guest complexes of cucurbit[6]uril with isoprenaline: The effect of the metal ion on the crystallization pathway and supramolecular architecture

Cover date: 2013-10-07

Authors: Danylyuk O., Fedin V.P., Sashuk V.

Publication: CrystEngComm

Volume: 15

Issue: 37

Page range: 7414-7418

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84883701398

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Kinetic trapping of the host-guest association intermediate and its transformation into a thermodynamic inclusion complex

Cover date: 2013-03-04

Authors: Danylyuk O., Fedin V.P., Sashuk V.

Publication: Chemical Communications

Volume: 49

Issue: 18

Page range: 1859-1861

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84873603016

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Thiolate-protected nanoparticles via organic xanthates: Mechanism and implications

Cover date: 2012-12-21

Authors: Sashuk V.

Publication: ACS Nano

Volume: 6

Issue: 12

Page range: 10855-10861

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84871558744

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Close-packed monolayers of charged Janus-type nanoparticles at the air-water interface

Cover date: 2012-06-01

Authors: Sashuk V., Holyst R., Wojciechowski T., Fialkowski M.

Publication: Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Volume: 375

Issue: 1

Page range: 180-186

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84859003930

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Autonomous self-assembly of ionic nanoparticles into hexagonally close-packed lattices at a planar oil-water interface

Cover date: 2012-02-20

Authors: Sashuk V., Holyst R., Wojciechowski T., Gorecka E., Fialkowski M.

Publication: Chemistry - A European Journal

Volume: 18

Issue: 8

Page range: 2235-2238

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84856830362

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Rational design and evaluation of upgraded Grubbs/Hoveyda olefin metathesis catalysts: Polyfunctional benzylidene ethers on the test bench

Cover date: 2011-08-08

Authors: Bieniek M., Samojaowicz C., Sashuk V., Bujok R., Sledz P., Lugan N., Lavigne G., Arlt D., Grela K.

Publication: Organometallics

Volume: 30

Issue: 15

Page range: 4144-4158

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:79961071419

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Formation and structure of PEI/DNA complexes: Quantitative analysis

Cover date: 2011-08-07

Authors: Hou S., Ziebacz N., Wieczorek S.A., Kalwarczyk E., Sashuk V., Kalwarczyk T., Kaminski T.S., Holyst R.

Publication: Soft Matter

Volume: 7

Issue: 15

Page range: 6967-6972

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:79960798854

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Highly reproducible, stable and multiply regenerated surface-enhanced Raman scattering substrate for biomedical applications

Cover date: 2011-06-28

Authors: Kaminska A., Dzicielewski I., Weyher J.L., Waluk J., Gawinkowski S., Sashuk V., Fialkowski M., Sawicka M., Suski T., Porowski S., Holyst R.

Publication: Journal of Materials Chemistry

Volume: 21

Issue: 24

Page range: 8662-8669

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:79959266311

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[(NHC)(NHCewg)RuCl2(CHPh)] complexes with modified NHCewg ligands for efficient ring-closing metathesis leading to tetrasubstituted olefins

Cover date: 2010-04-06

Authors: Sashuk V., Peeck L.H., Plenio H.

Publication: Chemistry - A European Journal

Volume: 16

Issue: 13

Page range: 3983-3993

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:77950266144

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Solvent-resistant nanofiltration of enlarged (NHC)Pd(allyl)Cl complexes for cross-coupling reactions

Cover date: 2009-07-13

Authors: Schoeps D., Sashuk V., Ebert K., Plenio H.

Publication: Organometallics

Volume: 28

Issue: 13

Page range: 3922-3927

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:67650286846

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Fluorophore tagged cross-coupling catalysts

Cover date: 2009-03-30

Authors: Sashuk V., Schoeps D., Plenio H.

Publication: Chemical Communications

Volume: undefined

Issue: 7

Page range: 770-772

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:62949163625

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Olefin cross-metathesis with vinyl halides

Cover date: 2008-05-27

Authors: Sashuk V., Samojlowicz C., Szadkowska A., Grela K.

Publication: Chemical Communications

Volume: undefined

Issue: 21

Page range: 2468-2470

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:44049102131

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Solvent-dependent resonance raman spectra of high-valent oxomolybdenum(V) tris[3,5-bis(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]corrolate

Cover date: 2007-07-09

Authors: Czernuszewicz R.S., Mody V., Zareba A.A., Zaczek M.B., Galezowski M., Sashuk V., Grela K., Gryko D.T.

Publication: Inorganic Chemistry

Volume: 46

Issue: 14

Page range: 5616-5624

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:34547181916

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Synthetic and mechanistic studies on enyne metathesis: A catalyst influence

Cover date: 2006-09-01

Authors: Sashuk V., Grela K.

Publication: Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical

Volume: 257

Issue: 1-2

Page range: 59-66

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:33748294183

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Olefin and enyne cross-metathesis - A new tool for the synthesis of alkenyl-substituted azulenes

Cover date: 2005-05-02

Authors: Mikus A., Sashuk V., Kedziorek M., Samojlowicz C., Ostrowski S., Grela K.

Publication: Synlett

Volume: undefined

Issue: 7

Page range: 1142-1146

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:18744361935

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A fine-tuned molybdenum hexacarbonyl/phenol initiator for alkyne metathesis

Cover date: 2004-10-29

Authors: Sashuk V., Ignatowska J., Grela K.

Publication: Journal of Organic Chemistry

Volume: 69

Issue: 22

Page range: 7748-7751

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:6444229559

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Nitro-substituted Hoveyda-Grubbs ruthenium carbenes: Enhancement of catalyst activity through electronic activation

Cover date: 2004-08-04

Authors: Michrowska A., Bujok R., Harutyunyan S., Sashuk V., Dolgonos G., Grela K.

Publication: Journal of the American Chemical Society

Volume: 126

Issue: 30

Page range: 9318-9325

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:3342982883

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The simple synthesis of stable A3- and trans-A 2B-molybdenum(V) corrolates

Cover date: 2004-07-01

Authors: Sashuk V., Koszarna B., Winiarek P., Gryko D.T., Grela K.

Publication: Inorganic Chemistry Communications

Volume: 7

Issue: 7

Page range: 871-875

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:3242736746

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