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ZB 02 - Group of molecular films research (W. Kutner) - closed by 31th December 2018

Our recent funding

We would like to acknowladge the following institutions for their financial support of our reseach:

2015-2018 | NCN 2014/15/BNZ/01011, to Prof. Wlodzimierz Kutner

"Selective recognition of toxic heteroaromatic amines and N-nitrosamines in protein providing food products". The Polish National Science Ce... read more ≫

2015-2017 | Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland, IP2014 041473, to Dr. Piyush Sindhu Sharma

"Chemical sensors for early autism diagnosis in children" (Czujniki chemiczne do wczesnej diagnozy autyzmu dzieciÄ™cego). Iuventus Plus IV,&n... read more ≫

2014-2018 | NCN 2014/15/B/ST4/04642, to Dr. Krzysztof Noworyta

"Determination of peptide lung cancer biomarkers by novel analytical platforms with imprinted polymers as selective recognition units", NCN... read more ≫

2014-2017 | NCN 2013/11/N/ST5/01907, to M.Sc. Zofia Iskierko

"Chemical sensors for selective determination of chosen amino acids of gluten proteins using molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) as recognition... read more ≫

2013-2015 | Foundation for Polish Science, POMOST/2012-6/10, to Dr. Agnieszka Pietrzyk-Le

"Selective determination of chosen oligonucleotides by synthetic polymer systems of molecular recognition". The European Union within the In... read more ≫

2012-2015 | NCN 2011/01/B/ST5/03796, to Dr. Krzysztof Noworyta

"Chemosensors for selective determination of renal dysfunction biomarkers using molecularly imprinted polymers, deposited by electropolymerizatio... read more ≫

2011-2013 | NCN 2011/01/N/ST4/03491, to M.Eng. Marcin Dabrowski

"Mesoporous films of molecularly imprinted conducting polymers as recognitio nunits of chemosensors for selective determination of D-arabitol and... read more ≫

2011-2013 | NCN 2011/01/N/ST5/05615, to M.Eng. Ievgen Obraztsov

"An organic electroactive material for photovoltaic cells", The Polish National Science Centre (NCN), 2011/01/N/ST5/05615 to Ievgen Obraztso... read more ≫

2011-2014 | 7th Framework Programme of EU, NOBLESSE, Project No. 285949, to Prof. Wlodzimierz Kutner (Principal Investigator of a Work Package)

7th Framework Programme of EU, REGPOT-2011-1 "NanOtechnology, Biomaterials and aLternative EnergySource for ERA integration", NOBLESSE, Proj... read more ≫

2010-2012 | Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland, IP 2010 031770, to M.Sc. Agnieszka Pietrzyk-Le

"Wdrukowywanie molekularne wybranych nukleotydów w warstwy polimerów osadzanych za pomoca elektropolimeryzacji". Iuventus Plus... read more ≫