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ZB 24 - Zjawiska złożone, procesy nierównowagowe i przetwarzanie informacji przy wykorzystaniu reakcji chemicznych (J. Gorecki)



Complex behavior of oil droplets induced by Camphor and Oil red O (R.Loffler et.al.).

Droplets of paraffin can show self-motion when powered by camphor. 
We investigated the motion of such droplets when varying concentrations of camphor
and the dye, Oil Red O, as well as the droplet volume. 
Our experiments have shown that the presence of the Oil Red O dye in the system 
can significantly increase the complexity of droplet evolution (See Video:maze), 
if compared to the case where the dye is absent. Just by increasing 
the concentration of Oil Red O, the droplet goes through an evolution of complex 
behaviors which we have categorized into the following categories: