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ZT 22 - Charge transfer in biological systems and at the interfaces (P. Zarzycki)


Research Theme: The main theme of our research is charge transfer either a complete electron/proton transfer reactions or a dynamic charge density redistribution. We are carrying a rather diverse multi-disciplinary research program that encourages close collaborations between both theoretical and experimental groups at the boundary of: geology and chemistry (Molecular Geochemistry), chemistry and medicine (Blood Serum Proteins, Supramolecular Chemistry) or chemistry and physics (Hypothetical High-Pressure Chemistry) - see below/Research. geochemistry - zarzycki (molecular dynamics)


Research areas:

Molecular Geochemistry (Piotr Zarzycki): Developing and using molecular modeling methods for the geochemically relevant problems (mineral/water interfaces, electron/proton transfer in environmentally important settings).

Supramolecular chemistry (Oksana Danylyuk): Using structure determining techniques to understand molecular encapsulation and recognition in cucurbituril hosting of medically-active molecules – as a potential drug-delivery system.

Thermal stability of blood serum proteins (Karolina Kędra-Królik): Using biocalorimetry to detect early signs of carcinogenic changes in blood serum proteins.

Electrokinetics of in-situ precipitated minerals (Karolina Kędra-Królik/Marzena Prus): Using electrophoresis to monitor in situ mineral precipitation and follow their transformations (e.g., aging or Ostwald ripening).

A first-principle Extreme Chemistry (Paweł Łata): Using DFT to predict the chemistry at high-pressure.