EU+MNiSW 5005/H2020-MSCA-COFUND/2019/2, PD2PI03 "Understanding the mechanism of hole scavenger photo-electrochemical oxidation on the surface of semiconductor"

Bhavana Gupta (2020-2023) read more ≫

EU+MNiSW 5005/H2020-MSCA-COFUND/2019/2, PD2PI08 "Nanoelectrochemistry and fluorescence microscopy: a combined approach towards single molecule detection"

Steven Linfield (2020-2023) read more ≫

NCN Opus 2016/23/B/ST4/02868 "Mechanisms of interaction between silver nanoparticles and biological cells."

Wojciech Nogala (2017-2022) read more ≫

NCN Preludium 2016/21/N/ST4/03559 "Carbon dioxide reduction reaction on metallic nanostructures obtained by localized electrorefining. Nanoscale pH mapping."

Magdalena Michalak (2017-2019) read more ≫

NCN Sonata 2012/05/D/ST4/01956 "Catalytic processes in electrochemical power sources."

Wojciech Nogala (2013-2016) read more ≫

MNiSW Iuventus Plus IP2012 048872 "Nanoelectrodes for single biomolecules and ultrafast electrode processes studies"

Wojciech Nogala (2013-2015) read more ≫