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E-beam evaporated TiO<inf>2</inf> and Cu-TiO<inf>2</inf> on glass: Performance in the discoloration of methylene blue and 2-propanol oxidation

Cover date: 2016-09-25

Authors: Garlisi C., Scandura G., Szlachetko J., Ahmadi S., Sa J., Palmisano G.

Publication: Applied Catalysis A: General

Volume: 526

Issue: undefined

Page range: 191-199

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84988037181

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Comment on

Cover date: 2014-11-01

Authors: Goguet A., Partridge W.P., Aiouche F., Hardacre C., Morgan K., Stere C., Sa J.

Publication: Catalysis Today

Volume: 236

Issue: undefined

Page range: 206-208

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84955175690

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Dye-injected electron trapping in TiO2 determined by broadband transient infrared spectroscopy

Cover date: 2014-10-01

Authors: Friedli P., Sigg H., Sa J.

Publication: Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences

Volume: 13

Issue: 10

Page range: 1393-1396

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84907821174

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Temperature-programmed reduction of NiO nanoparticles followed by time-resolved RIXS

Cover date: 2014-05-07

Authors: Sa J., Kayser Y., Milne C.J., Abreu Fernandes D.L., Szlachetko J.

Publication: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

Volume: 16

Issue: 17

Page range: 7692-7696

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84898766773

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High energy resolution off-resonant spectroscopy for X-ray absorption spectra free of self-absorption effects

Cover date: 2014-04-30

Authors: Blachucki W., Szlachetko J., Hoszowska J., Dousse J.-Cl., Kayser Y., Nachtegaal M., Sa J.

Publication: Physical Review Letters

Volume: 112

Issue: 17

Page range: null

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84899757373

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Determination of conduction and valence band electronic structure of La<inf>2</inf>Ti<inf>2</inf>O<inf>7</inf> thin film

Cover date: 2014-02-28

Authors: Szlachetko J., Pichler M., Pergolesi D., Sa J., Lippert T.

Publication: RSC Advances

Volume: 4

Issue: 22

Page range: 11420-11422

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84894444298

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Real time determination of the electronic structure of unstable reaction intermediates during Au<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf> reduction

Cover date: 2014-01-02

Authors: Szlachetko J., Sa J., Nachtegaal M., Hartfelder U., Dousse J.-C., Hoszowska J., Abreu Fernandes D.L., Shi H., Stampfl C.

Publication: Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters

Volume: 5

Issue: 1

Page range: 80-84

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84891815123

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Heterogeneous catalysis experiments at XFELs. Are we close to producing a catalysis movie?

Cover date: 2014-01-01

Authors: Sa J., Szlachetko J.

Publication: Catalysis Letters

Volume: 144

Issue: 2

Page range: 197-203

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84899475708

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Novel in situ methodology to observe the interactions of chemotherapeutical Pt drugs with DNA under physiological conditions

Cover date: 2014-01-01

Authors: Lipiec E., Czapla J., Szlachetko J., Kayser Y., Kwiatek W., Wood B., Deacon G.B., Sa J.

Publication: Dalton Transactions

Volume: 43

Issue: 37

Page range: 13839-13844

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84906690442

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Evaluation of an in situ spatial resolution instrument for fixed beds through the assessment of the invasiveness of probes and a comparison with a micro-kinetic model

Cover date: 2014-01-01

Authors: Touitou J., Aiouache F., Burch R., Douglas R., Hardacre C., Morgan K., Sa J., Stewart C., Stewart J., Goguet A.

Publication: Journal of Catalysis

Volume: 319

Issue: undefined

Page range: 239-246

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84909619609

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Determination of conduction and valence band electronic structure of anatase and rutile TiO <inf>2</inf>

Cover date: 2014-01-01

Authors: Szlachetko J., Michalow-Mauke K., Nachtegaal M., Sa J.

Publication: Journal of Chemical Sciences

Volume: 126

Issue: 2

Page range: 511-515

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84900470194

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Olefin hydrogenation with single-site gold

Cover date: 2014-01-01

Authors: Szlachetko J., Lothschutz C., Sa J.

Publication: Acta Physica Polonica A

Volume: 125

Issue: 4

Page range: 940-943

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84899713681

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Subsecond and in situ chemical speciation of Pt/Al<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf> during oxidation-reduction cycles monitored by high-energy resolution off-resonant x-ray spectroscopy

Cover date: 2013-12-26

Authors: Szlachetko J., Ferri D., Marchionni V., Kambolis A., Safonova O.V., Milne C.J., Krocher O., Nachtegaal M., Sa J.

Publication: Journal of the American Chemical Society

Volume: 135

Issue: 51

Page range: 19071-19074

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84891317912

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Erratum: Transient mid-IR study of electron dynamics in TiO<inf>2</inf> conduction band (Analyst (2013) 138 (6488-6493) DOI:10.1039/c3an01141k)

Cover date: 2013-12-21

Authors: Sa J., Friedli P., Geiger R., Lerch P., Rittmann-Frank M.H., Milne C.J., Szlachetko J., Santomauro F.G., Van Bokhoven J.A., Chergui M., Rossi M.J., Sigg H.

Publication: Analyst

Volume: 138

Issue: 24

Page range: 7420

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84887559190

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Scanning-free grazing emission x-ray fluorescence by means of an angular dispersive arrangement with a two-dimensional position-sensitive area detector

Cover date: 2013-12-01

Authors: Kayser Y., Szlachetko J., Sa J.

Publication: Review of Scientific Instruments

Volume: 84

Issue: 12

Page range: null

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84891681709

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Direct observation of charge separation on Au localized surface plasmons

Cover date: 2013-12-01

Authors: Sa J., Tagliabue G., Friedli P., Szlachetko J., Rittmann-Frank M.H., Santomauro F.G., Milne C.J., Sigg H.

Publication: Energy and Environmental Science

Volume: 6

Issue: 12

Page range: 3584-3588

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84887913772

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Magnetic manipulation of molecules on a non-magnetic catalytic surface

Cover date: 2013-09-21

Authors: Sa J., Szlachetko J., Sikora M., Kavcic M., Safonova O.V., Nachtegaal M.

Publication: Nanoscale

Volume: 5

Issue: 18

Page range: 8462-8465

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84883204279

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Alternative preparation of size-controlled thiol-capped gold colloids

Cover date: 2013-09-01

Authors: Makosch M., Bumbalek V., Sa J., Van Bokhoven J.A.

Publication: Gold Bulletin

Volume: 46

Issue: 3

Page range: 161-164

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84885130568

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Fine tuning of gold electronic structure by IRMOF post-synthetic modification

Cover date: 2013-08-14

Authors: Sa J., Szlachetko J., Kleymenov E., Lothschutz C., Nachtegaal M., Ranocchiari M., Safonova O.V., Servalli M., Smolentsev G., Van Bokhoven J.A.

Publication: RSC Advances

Volume: 3

Issue: 30

Page range: 12043-12048

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84881520488

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Editors preface

Cover date: 2013-06-01

Authors: Sa J., Van Bokhoven J., Fottinger K.

Publication: Catalysis Today

Volume: 208

Issue: undefined

Page range: 1

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84877283502

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High energy resolution fluorescence detection XANES-an in situ method to study the interaction of adsorbed molecules with metal catalysts in the liquid phase

Cover date: 2013-06-01

Authors: Manyar H.G., Morgan R., Morgan K., Yang B., Hu P., Szlachetko J., Sa J., Hardacre C.

Publication: Catalysis Science and Technology

Volume: 3

Issue: 6

Page range: 1497-1500

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84878034424

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An in situ spatially resolved analytical technique to simultaneously probe gas phase reactions and temperature within the packed bed of a plug flow reactor

Cover date: 2013-05-21

Authors: Touitou J., Burch R., Hardacre C., McManus C., Morgan K., Sa J., Goguet A.

Publication: Analyst

Volume: 138

Issue: 10

Page range: 2858-2862

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84876732730

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Rational design of oxynitride materials: From theory to experiment

Cover date: 2013-04-14

Authors: Szlachetko J., Sa J.

Publication: CrystEngComm

Volume: 15

Issue: 14

Page range: 2583-2587

Scopus ID: SCOPUS_ID:84874967496

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