Current founding sorces:

Ministry of Science and Higher Education Grant Ideas Plus II no. IdPII 2015000164

Quantum Control of Nickel Catalysed Hydrogenations: the Director of Catalysis Movies at XFELs Project leader: dr hab. Jacinto Sa X-ray free... read more ≫

National Science Centre Grant OPUS 8 no.UMO-2014/15/B/ST5/02094

Chemoselective hydrogenation of vitamins and fragrances precursors with transition metal nanoparticles grafted on resins Project leader: dr hab. Ja... read more ≫

National Science Centre Grant SONATA 9 no. UMO-2015/17/D/ST4/00112

Iron-sulfur clusters as natural switches: consequences of the unique iron atom coordination at a molecular level. Project leader: dr Adam Kubas... read more ≫