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Agata Kolodziejczyk, M.Sc. (Ph.D. Candidate)

Ph.D. Student

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Expertise in:
  • Investigations of the physical and chemical properties of secondary organic aerosol from the photoxidtion of α-pinene aged products
  • Mass spectroscopy in particular investigation of fragmentation pathways of the compound and the chemical reactivity of anions formed from the latter with various volatile reactants
  • Organic synthesis and structural investigation using spectroscopy



Scientific profile:
  • Since 2016: Ph.D. Candidate, Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Science, Warsaw, Poland
  • 2016: M.Sc. in chemistry, Warsaw University of Technology, Warszawa, Poland
  • 2015: B.Sc. in chemistry, Warsaw University of Technology, Warszawa, Poland










Research Training:
  • 10th - 21st June,2018, EUROCHAMP Internship,University of Patras, Greece
  • January - March, 2018, Erasmus Plus Program, University of Oslo, Norway
  • 22nd-26th Jan,2018, Aerosol particle organic analytical training course, Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research, Leipzig, Germany




  • 1st October,2018 – 30th September, 2019, ETIUDA6 grant from Polish National Science Center