Ph. D. student position available!

Ph. D. student position available!


Deadline: 15.1.2018


Email me for more information!


We are seeking a Ph. D. student:


● With M.Sc. in physics, mathematics, theoretical chemistry, bioinformatics, computer science, or related areas.

● Depending on the educational background, with a good knowledge of fundamentals of chemistry or physics, at the academic level.

● With a good knowledge of programming.

● Good knowledge of statistical physics and/or theory of stochastic processes will be an asset.


The research studies in which the candidate is to participate:


Participation in the research project Evolution of gene regulation as a stochastic process: Savageau's demand theory, cost of regulation and noise (Sonata Bis project no. 2016/22/E/ST2/00558, financed by the National Science Centre, principal investigator: dr Anna Ochab-Marcinek).

See the project description.


The task of the successful candidate will be theoretical modeling of evolution of gene regulation (analytical and numerical calculations, simulations).

●  Research stays are planned at IST Austria and University of Edinburgh


We offer the scholarship ~3000 PLN/month*4 years (sufficient for a decent standard of living in Warsaw)
+ a possible rise for a good academic record: additionally up to ~2000 PLN/month.


Please read carefully the official announcement of open position [pdf]. It contains detailed information about the requirements and conditions.


List of required documents: http://ichf.edu.pl/msd/IDS_required_documents.pdf (link to the personal questionaire: http://ichf.edu.pl/msd/Personal_questionnaire.xls ; link to the ready-to-use thesis proposal with the project description: PhD-thesis_proposal_AOM.doc)

Required language certificates for foreign students: http://ichf.edu.pl/msd/Types_of_documents_certifying_knowledge_of_foreign_language.pdf


Email me for more information!