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ZB 19 - Characterization of processes in first atomic layers of a solid surface (A.Jablonski)

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Our workgroup is mainly focused on study of the materials surface using advanced physicochemical methods. Recently updated state-of-art hardware allows us to use the wide range of experimental methods - X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS), Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis (ESCA), Auger Electron Spectroscopy (AES), Elastic Peak Electron Spectroscopy (EPES), Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM), Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and many other.

Our activity covers research on physical chemistry of elemental and complex solid surfaces, including metals, metallic alloys, metallic particles supported on different inorganic supports with specific catalytic properties, semiconductor compounds, and polymers, focused on the characterization of stoichiometry, chemical state and morphology, and evolution of these surface properties due the gas exposure and/or other methods of the surface treatment. Also scientific staff of the Laboratory develops the theory of electron transport in solids for quantitative application of AES and XPS analyses, fundamental problems of quantitative analysis by electron spectroscopies and an application of EPES for experimental determination of the inelastic mean free path of electrons in selected solids.

The Group activity in instrumental part overlaps with activities of the Mazovia Center for Surface Analysis. We have great experience creating, modifying and studying almost any possible UHV compatible materials. Please contact us if you have samples needs to be studied.